Don’t we all want our home to look like a celebrity has put their designer paw print all over the property? We often want to impress our friends with the super sleek furniture and decor within our home. From time to time we might want to get a team in to do it all for us, perhaps getting the old team from Changing Rooms back together with Carol ‘Smiley’ Smiley – or maybe not…

I think we can all conclude that we want our home looking the bee’s knees without Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s ‘touch’, but giving the impression you’ve forked out for the pleasure is what we can all relate to in some shape or form. But what if you can’t afford the luxury prices for your luxury tastes?

Here’s how to get started on that a new modern feel in your home, while saving on those pennies…

Before you even think about coming up with new ideas, the old saying of out with the old and in with the new needs to be preserved. You can do this by decluttering the areas you want to renovate, the primary function of a room takes priority over anything else – plan the necessities and work around them.

Once you have the dreaded decluttering process down to a tee, it’s time to to think about igniting inspiration into your home once more! Picking the right colour schemes on your colour chart is important, as well as combining this with fabric samples and photographs to give that warm family feel through your property.

If you live in a small space, less is often more. The worst thing you can do is overfill your home with statement furniture and then not actually be able get access to it, without climbing over a few things first including the people you share your home with… Perhaps buy one piece of furniture that you love and maximise it’s potential for future years to come.

Your new designs and vision for your home is an investment in your property. Not only does this investment pay off when you come to sell your home, the investment also benefits you and a better quality and satisfaction of life within your home – living your life in an environment that brings out your personality and enhancing your lifestyle is the way forward.

Anything worth doing is worth doing properly, this may require a shift in mindset, or a sacrifice, or some good old fashioned effort – we at Boutique Design & Build know that this thought process pays off for you and your property.

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