In our gallery we have exhibited bathroom ideas, kitchen inspiration, interior design hints and tips and construction methods, all encouraging you to keep your mind open until you have a strong, visual image of your project in your head.

You’ll find pictures of work we have designed, supplied, installed and finished, projects we can do and ideas we are putting into practice as we speak. Our clients have always given us a rough interpretation of what they want by using many of the images displayed in our gallery, then we work as a team – client and BD&B – together to create the unimaginable. The end result is always a great surprise, like Christmas come early.

Please let us know if you’d like us to send you any of the images you see to add to any scrapbooks when beginning to make an idea a reality please let us know. And if we can help answer any queries regarding the design and installation aspects of your concept, we’d be more than happy to advise.

Call the team on 01268 566 065 or email us at for any information you need. We’re a very experience and knowledgeable company with all of our team friendly and willing to help you, from our sales department to our designers, engineers and founders – your project will always be a team effort.